Hacked Metropolises Promotional Website for New “Crazy” Series

Posted November 20, 2017 10:47:01The Metropolis promotional website has gone dark for a few hours.

That’s because a hacker who goes by the name “Cazador” is claiming to be the creator of the site.

He’s also claiming to have cracked the passwords of the entire Metropoli team and is promising that it’ll be “full of surprises.”

Cazadores website has a banner at the top that reads, “We are the creators of the Metropolitis website.

We are going to deliver the best content on the web and it’s all yours to take for free.”

He’s also posted an image on his website showing a large, white, and green billboard with a red border.

The image appears to show a Metropolia logo.

The logo and banner were part of a Metropolis promo campaign launched last year.

The website featured videos that were “sponsored” by Metropolitan brand-name products and a website dedicated to buying them.

Metropolis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

In an update on Metropolis’ website on Thursday, the company said that a hacker called “Crazador” had claimed to be “the creator of Metropols marketing website.”

“We are not responsible for the website, as it was built on an open source codebase and not by us,” the statement said.

“We do not hold any responsibility for the content that is hosted on this website.

The Metropoles marketing website was made by the team, based on the code and features that we use.

You may use this website for free, but you can never have a full account of it.”

Crazadores site is the only Metropola site that’s currently publicly accessible.

It was first announced in February.

“Metropolis has always had a reputation for quality and creativity,” Metropolicis spokeswoman Anna Hildebrand said in a statement.

“Today we want to make sure that this is a place that everyone can trust, and that it remains one of the most popular websites in the Metropolis network.

We want to offer a truly free, accessible and curated experience for all.”

Metropoli is one of dozens of websites hosted on the same servers that are used by thousands of websites.

The majority of those sites are run by sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Some of those are also hosted on servers owned by a company called CloudFlare, which operates a massive number of sites including Netflix and Instagram.

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