What you need to know about Target’s Wireless Promotions

What you’re looking at in this story are offers and promotions that Target has made available for pre-registration.

Some of these are free, some are $20 a month, and some are more expensive.

Here are the terms and conditions and other important details you need.

The following are offers you can get:Target offers:1.

Get a $30 gift card.

This is available online, by phone, or through Target’s mobile app.

Target will send you a gift card within 30 days.

You can use it at Target stores, Walmart stores, Target’s online store, and Target Mobile stores.2.

Get an email when a coupon code is available at a participating Target store.3.

Get free shipping and a Target gift card with any purchase.

This offer is available only to those who register for preregistration by April 15.4.

Get $50 in free shipping on any purchase over $50.5.

Get 15% off all Target gift cards.

This offer is valid until April 15, 2019.6.

Get two free months of your first year of service and $50 off your first 2,000 purchases.7.

Get 30% off your next purchase.8.

Get 25% off any Target gift Card purchase.9.

Get 5% off select accessories.10.

Get 20% off most home decor purchases.11.

Get up to $5 off the price of up to four tickets to any concert.12.

Get 2 free days of your next calendar year.13.

Get one free month of your new car warranty.14.

Get 10% off a select travel partner.15.

Get 50% off eligible purchases on Target.com, its mobile apps and the Target mobile app and its website.16.

Get all new and used Target Gift Cards.17.

Get 1 year of access to Target’s My Target Plus benefits.18.

Get 40% off the cost of Target gift certificates and online purchases.19.

Get access to your own personalized account that has a variety of features, including a photo library, personal messages, and a personal shopping cart.20.

Get unlimited unlimited travel and in-store shopping, and get discounts on Target merchandise and merchandise at Target.Com.


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