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Kohls: New codes for cross promotion, gift ideas

Posted September 25, 2018 05:04:23 Kohls has launched a new code-swap promotion for customers with new orders, but not for existing customers.

The company said it will allow customers who order more than $25 of Kohls gift cards to enter a new Kohls code for free for an additional $25.

The code will be sent to the email address of the customer and can be used to enter the code at Kohls stores or online, with the customer receiving the code for a free Kohls purchase.

The Kohls app is also the new destination for cross-promotion, with shoppers able to enter codes for free on the App Store, Apple TV, Google Home and other devices.

Kohls said the promotion will be available to all current and existing customers, and customers can apply at any time.

The promotion was rolled out last week.

Kohl’s will also offer a new offer on Kohlstamp.com for new customers, allowing them to enter Kohls codes for a $10 discount.

“Our Kohls code is a great way to get a new product or service that is right for you,” Kohls CFO Steve Chmielarz said in a statement.

“Kohl’s customers have asked us to offer a code that gives them access to Kohlmans exclusive Kohl code collection.

With that in mind, we are now launching a new program where we will allow new customers to enter their Kohlmash code to earn a $5 Kohl.com discount on all purchases, including Kohlash, for the first three months after the promotion ends.”

The Kohlcash promotion was first launched in March and has already seen some great results, with some $50 million in code submissions.

The new Kohlcode will be launched on September 30 and can now be entered for free.

The move comes as Kohlspy has been testing a new promotion, with all new Kohlers orders getting a free two-day Kohlcard.

Kohs said it is testing another new program, including a new $25 Kohl gift card, and that customers can also apply for a Kohlstore gift card for free after the first week of the promotion.


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