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Twitter is finally rolling out a new way to promote your business, even if you’re not on Twitter itself

The social media giant is finally allowing businesses to promote their business on Twitter, with a new service that allows businesses to get paid for tweets that mention them in an industry-leading way.

Twitter has long offered the ability to send out “sponsored tweets,” which are paid tweets that are meant to highlight your business or brand in an advertisement.

For a long time, businesses have struggled to get the word out to their fans, because they’ve struggled to find the right marketing tools to reach those fans, according to Chris Johnson, senior vice president of product for Twitter.

Now, Johnson told Business Insider that the company has started testing a new method of promotion called the Twitter Marketing Service (TMS), which allows businesses that have their own branded products to reach out to fans on the platform.

TMS will be rolling out to businesses that already have a Twitter account and a Twitter Account.

It allows businesses who don’t have Twitter accounts to offer tweets to fans that reference their products, Johnson said.

In addition to using Twitter’s existing branded tweets, businesses can now offer their own content through a new “content creation” feature that lets businesses add links to branded tweets from Twitter, which is designed to be more accessible to people who don\’t have a product on Twitter.

This is the first time that TMS has been rolled out to non-branded tweets.

“The content creation features will allow brands to use content from their Twitter account, and users will see a brand tweet and a curated link to that tweet,” Johnson said in a statement.

“TMS is designed for brands to reach their fans through content, and it will be a more seamless experience for customers.”

TMS launched in August 2017, but Johnson said it was not yet available for businesses.

“It took us a few months to figure out how to make it work for everyone,” Johnson told BI.

“We’re working very hard to make this a feature that every brand should be able to benefit from.”

Tms is now available for use on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 10.

Tms has already been available on Apple devices for a few weeks.

It is also available on Android devices, and will roll out to the web soon, Johnson added.

“You can now share your brand’s Twitter content directly with fans, who will see your brand tweets as a product tweet and can click on that product link to view and read the content.”

Tys new service is only available on iPhones, so the service only works on iPhones with a 4.7-inch screen.

The TMS is only meant to be used by brands that have branded products on their platforms.

If you want to use TMS for any other brand, you will have to opt out.

For brands that don’t use a branded product, you can still post links to their content on Twitter but the TMS can only show branded tweets and content from those brands.

Johnson said TMS works for brands that are using Twitter to reach people outside of the U.S. “But if you are a brand that has a U.K.-based website, then you’ll have to do some additional work to get TMS to work for you.”

Ties that bind The service works by adding a branded link to a tweet that mentions your business in an “industry-leading” way.

“If you see that branded link in the Tweets section of the Tweet Manager, it means that that’s a branded tweet that someone else in your industry has written about your brand,” Johnson explained.

“There’s nothing else on Twitter that says ‘Hey, that’s our brand.’

So it’s a really unique way of engaging with fans.”

Tunes from the Tweeter Zone The TweeterZone, the new social media marketing platform that Twitter introduced last year, allows businesses like yours truly to connect with our fans through an easy-to-use app.

It was designed to work across all platforms, Johnson explained, so businesses can connect with their fans on both mobile and desktop.

“Now, the TweerZone will be able provide you with an easy way to connect to fans across all your platforms,” Johnson added, “and it will do it all from your Twitter dashboard.”

Tones of social media and branding The TweeperZone is designed specifically for businesses, but there are also some subtle differences between the two platforms.

Johnson noted that the Tweeper Zone is more of a product, and is designed “to be more of the same as the Tms, but in a better way.”

The Tms offers a more curated experience for fans, but TweeterZones tweets will only be seen by those who follow a specific user.

“Our goal is to build a platform that is really universal, so that you can really engage with fans from all over the world, and then you can connect across different platforms,” he said.

Johnson also mentioned that Tweeter zones Twitter account can be shared with others on


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