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The UK’s biggest banks are being targeted with a range of bank promotions to attract new customers

The UK banks have been targeted by a range, and most of them have been targeting the same old customers to try and keep their doors open.

What does this mean for you?

Read more from the BBC’s digital bureau on this week’s best bank offers.

The Bank of England (BoE) announced a range to help customers who want to save more, including a £5 off a £20 savings account and a £50 bonus on a £10-a-month savings account.

It also announced a £25 bonus on bank accounts up to £100,000.

This was in addition to the £50 deposit bonus on existing accounts.

This will be extended to the Bank of Scotland (BoS) in early July.

The BIS (Bank Improvement Scheme) is also getting a £1,000 bonus on all accounts up through £50,000 and a €1,500 bonus on accounts over £100.

It is also offering a £100 savings bonus on savings accounts.

All of these bonuses will be applied to a range for each bank.

All are on top of the existing £5 savings bonus, and there is a £15 bonus on checking accounts up until £150,000, £10 bonus on small and medium-sized businesses, and £50 cashback bonus on banks.

This is only available to UK residents.

Bank of America (BAC) is the biggest bank with a £500 bonus, which will be added to the existing savings bonus and will also apply to existing savings accounts up till £500,000 up to a maximum of £250,000 for new customers.

It has also announced the launch of a £250 bonus on customers with new accounts up for renewal.

Bank Of England (BOE) has been the biggest offender this week, with £100 bonus on an existing savings account, which has been extended to £200,000 after the BIS announced the same.

HSBC has also said it will offer £50 savings bonus if a customer with an existing bank account has a £200 deposit.

The RBS (Royal Bank of Edinburgh) has also been getting the best of the action with its £100 deposit bonus, the same as the BofA.

It will also be extending the £25 cashback offer for existing accounts up up to 500,000 pounds.

HSBC is also giving its existing customers the chance to take up a new £10,000 savings account as well.

Other big banks that are also targeting their customers to save have been HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), and Lloyds Banking Group (LGB).

HSBC’s bonus offer for new bank customers will be doubled to £50 if the customer has a deposit of £50 or more.

Lloyd will also give customers the option of taking up an additional £10 account with the same deposit.

HSBC and Lloyalds are also offering customers the opportunity to take part in a savings offer with up to an extra £5.

RBC is offering customers up to 25% cashback on their first £10 of savings.

RBS also said that it will be giving new customers the choice of a free deposit or a £2,500 cashback deposit.

Lloysds Bank has said it is giving customers up a free £1 bonus, or £10 on all new bank accounts, up to the limit of £1m.

Lloyd has also added the £1.25 bonus for those with an account of less than £500.

LlOYds is offering up to 30% cash back on bank deposits, which is double the £10 cashback for existing customers.

The BoE also announced it would offer £10 deposit bonuses for existing account holders up to 2,500 pounds, as well as the £5 bonus.

Lloryds has also extended its existing offer to the point of £5,000 cashback and Lloryd has also expanded its existing savings offer to offer up to 50% cash rebate for new and existing customers, with an additional 30% bonus on the first £50 of deposits.

Bankrate.com has also recently started offering a new savings account for £10 a month, which offers a bonus of £10 and a further bonus of up to 40% cash.

Other banks that have been making moves in recent weeks include Barclays, RBS, Lloyden and Royal Bank.

Barclays has been rolling out a range which will offer customers an additional 1% cash bonus for a range up to 1,000 deposits.

RBN has also offered a new bank account to new customers up until 2,000 bank points, which can be used on a range from £10 to £300.

Lloyald and Lloyd have also extended their existing savings offers and have said that they will be offering new customers an extra 30% on a deposit from up to 3,000 points.

The bank has also given new customers free bank points on their £500 and £1 savings accounts from 2


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