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Aussie dad who is now pregnant says his daughter is a ‘real slut’

A man who was allegedly raped by his daughter’s boyfriend after a row over the birth of her child says the sex was consensual.

Key points:David Williams was allegedly assaulted by his ex-wife’s boyfriend and his daughter during a row in the pastThe father said the incident was “absolutely normal”David Williams, a father of four, said his daughter was a “real slut” but that she was “a lot younger than her age”The 33-year-old was allegedly attacked in his own home in January when his ex, 23-year‑old Tarek, began sexually assaulting her during a argument.

Tarek pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault.

During the argument, David Williams was also allegedly punched and kicked.

Taring had claimed that David Williams, who has a wife and two daughters, assaulted her and that she later told him he had raped her.

The pair then moved into separate rooms and began banging and kissing each other, he told police.

But after a week of the attacks, David and Taree moved to a different room.

When David Williams went back to his own room to sleep, he was attacked again by Tareek, he said.

“She [Taree] then grabbed me and pulled me towards her so she could take off her shirt and underwear and I could see she was naked,” he said in a statement.

“I was pushed down onto the floor, and she grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her.”

After several minutes, Tareeks face was pressed against the floor.

“It was a really traumatic and upsetting experience, I was crying and she was asking me to stop,” he told ABC radio.

“As I lay there, she put her hand down my pants and she said, ‘do you want to be raped?'”‘

It was an absolutely normal thing’Mr Williams said he did not remember what happened next.

“The next thing I know, I had a bloody nose and my hair was on fire, I lost consciousness, I couldn’t even tell where I was,” he recalled.

“A friend of mine from work called me and asked me if I was okay, I said, no I’m fine, I woke up and I was in hospital.

I just had nightmares for two weeks.”‘

It’s been a very long time since I’ve felt this way’David Williams said his life had been “completely changed” since the incident.

“At first, I just thought it was some kind of a joke,” he added.

“But then my family, my wife, and my children just started to talk to me about it, and it became a lot clearer.”‘

She’s not a monster’Mr Taring said that he had been told that she “took it too far”.

“She’s definitely not a serial rapist,” he explained.

“When we first met, she was very shy and I think that maybe it took a while to get used to her.”

We didn’t have a long-term relationship, so we had to work on our communication and understanding and how to behave around each other.

“After a while, she started to understand how to be more friendly and I noticed that she’s not as afraid of me as I thought she was.”‘

My wife was just trying to protect me’Tareek’s lawyer told the court she “felt her life had completely changed”.

“There was a lot of anger and hurt, but also a lot hope that things were going to be OK, that everything was going to get back to normal,” she said.

Tariee’s lawyer also said she was relieved that her client had been spared jail.

“That’s something she will never forget,” she told the jury.

“My wife felt her life was completely destroyed, she’s never been happier, she feels very lucky.”

David Williams’ defence barrister said that the mother of his three children “did not need to see her children suffer”.

“David had no reason to believe that Tareez was a paedophile or was violent towards her,” he noted.

“He was completely innocent of the crime of sexual abuse.”‘

Tale of a broken marriage’David said he would be “a great father” to his children, but that he would now focus on “the fact that she doesn’t deserve to be a paedo”.

“The truth is, I have two beautiful daughters who have grown up and are now adults and I’m a father to them, so they have a whole new world, a whole different perspective on everything,” he revealed.

“And it will be my biggest priority going forward.”

5 Ways to Get More Money with the iPhone 12 Promotion

The iPhone 12 is getting a lot of attention, and we’re going to tell you how to get more money in the process.

We’re going into great detail about how to unlock your iPhone 12, how to add apps to your iOS device, and how to save money on your iPhone.

Apple has partnered with Chase for a $1,000 reward for every iPhone 12 sold, but there’s more you can do to unlock it.

The Chase program lets you sign up for an iPhone 12 and get a bonus of up to $1 on your first purchase.

To qualify, you’ll need to fill out an application and then fill out a survey.

You’ll then be able to earn points by:Using the app on your phone or tablet, you can earn points for:Opening a Chase accountUsing your phone to earn rewards at participating locations in the United States and Canada

How to get the best deals on fast food at Burger King and Wendy’s

A Burger King employee has discovered a new way to save money at the fast food chain.

A spokesperson for Burger King, Wendy’s and McDonald’s confirmed the company was aware of the Burger King promotion.

“We do not sell fast food,” said the spokesperson.

“If a promotion like this is available, we will ask customers to use the promotional code on the back of their burger to get a free meal.”

The spokesperson also said customers can use the promo code at Burger and Wendy.

“As we have said previously, we offer promotions in all of our restaurants to help customers save money on their food, including the new Burger King promo code,” the spokesperson said.

“All customers have to do is to sign up for the promo codes and when they arrive they will get a meal free of charge.”

“We appreciate all our loyal customers and have worked hard to provide them with promotions that have helped save them money and we appreciate the loyalty of all of you.”

The code can be found on the burger and wendy’s websites.

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Twitter is finally rolling out a new way to promote your business, even if you’re not on Twitter itself

The social media giant is finally allowing businesses to promote their business on Twitter, with a new service that allows businesses to get paid for tweets that mention them in an industry-leading way.

Twitter has long offered the ability to send out “sponsored tweets,” which are paid tweets that are meant to highlight your business or brand in an advertisement.

For a long time, businesses have struggled to get the word out to their fans, because they’ve struggled to find the right marketing tools to reach those fans, according to Chris Johnson, senior vice president of product for Twitter.

Now, Johnson told Business Insider that the company has started testing a new method of promotion called the Twitter Marketing Service (TMS), which allows businesses that have their own branded products to reach out to fans on the platform.

TMS will be rolling out to businesses that already have a Twitter account and a Twitter Account.

It allows businesses who don’t have Twitter accounts to offer tweets to fans that reference their products, Johnson said.

In addition to using Twitter’s existing branded tweets, businesses can now offer their own content through a new “content creation” feature that lets businesses add links to branded tweets from Twitter, which is designed to be more accessible to people who don\’t have a product on Twitter.

This is the first time that TMS has been rolled out to non-branded tweets.

“The content creation features will allow brands to use content from their Twitter account, and users will see a brand tweet and a curated link to that tweet,” Johnson said in a statement.

“TMS is designed for brands to reach their fans through content, and it will be a more seamless experience for customers.”

TMS launched in August 2017, but Johnson said it was not yet available for businesses.

“It took us a few months to figure out how to make it work for everyone,” Johnson told BI.

“We’re working very hard to make this a feature that every brand should be able to benefit from.”

Tms is now available for use on the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows 10.

Tms has already been available on Apple devices for a few weeks.

It is also available on Android devices, and will roll out to the web soon, Johnson added.

“You can now share your brand’s Twitter content directly with fans, who will see your brand tweets as a product tweet and can click on that product link to view and read the content.”

Tys new service is only available on iPhones, so the service only works on iPhones with a 4.7-inch screen.

The TMS is only meant to be used by brands that have branded products on their platforms.

If you want to use TMS for any other brand, you will have to opt out.

For brands that don’t use a branded product, you can still post links to their content on Twitter but the TMS can only show branded tweets and content from those brands.

Johnson said TMS works for brands that are using Twitter to reach people outside of the U.S. “But if you are a brand that has a U.K.-based website, then you’ll have to do some additional work to get TMS to work for you.”

Ties that bind The service works by adding a branded link to a tweet that mentions your business in an “industry-leading” way.

“If you see that branded link in the Tweets section of the Tweet Manager, it means that that’s a branded tweet that someone else in your industry has written about your brand,” Johnson explained.

“There’s nothing else on Twitter that says ‘Hey, that’s our brand.’

So it’s a really unique way of engaging with fans.”

Tunes from the Tweeter Zone The TweeterZone, the new social media marketing platform that Twitter introduced last year, allows businesses like yours truly to connect with our fans through an easy-to-use app.

It was designed to work across all platforms, Johnson explained, so businesses can connect with their fans on both mobile and desktop.

“Now, the TweerZone will be able provide you with an easy way to connect to fans across all your platforms,” Johnson added, “and it will do it all from your Twitter dashboard.”

Tones of social media and branding The TweeperZone is designed specifically for businesses, but there are also some subtle differences between the two platforms.

Johnson noted that the Tweeper Zone is more of a product, and is designed “to be more of the same as the Tms, but in a better way.”

The Tms offers a more curated experience for fans, but TweeterZones tweets will only be seen by those who follow a specific user.

“Our goal is to build a platform that is really universal, so that you can really engage with fans from all over the world, and then you can connect across different platforms,” he said.

Johnson also mentioned that Tweeter zones Twitter account can be shared with others on

Which companies have had the most positive job postings?

The job postings on LinkedIn have been filled with jobs that promise high-paying positions, but the real work might not be as exciting.

For example, the company behind LinkedIn has a company called LinkedIn Global, which offers a platform to connect people from across the world and share their knowledge.

It’s an interesting concept, but it’s one that LinkedIn has been struggling with for years.

LinkedIn has said that it’s “focused on building a global platform that allows people from all over the world to collaborate, network and connect.”

LinkedIn Global has a website that offers jobs in a variety of fields, including HR, marketing, sales, finance, and IT.

However, LinkedIn Global is no longer able to offer jobs for its users in its LinkedIn Groups, the platform that gives users access to the company’s most popular groups.

“The most recent changes to LinkedIn Groups will affect users in the U.S., Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, and Spain, the country where LinkedIn Global operates,” the LinkedIn Group page states.

“We’ll be monitoring these changes and will provide updates as soon as we can.”

The new jobs on LinkedIn will be available in the next few weeks, but LinkedIn has yet to officially confirm them.

LinkedIn is trying to make its groups more inclusive, but its new jobs still have plenty of people who want to take advantage of the platform.

“This is not a one-size-fits-all group for every company,” LinkedIn spokesperson Sarah Jaffe told The Wall St. Journal.

“It’s not for every employer.

There are some companies that have an incredibly tight hiring process and others that have more open positions that are not suitable for this type of job.”

Jaffe says that the company is “working with our community to make sure everyone can continue to find and connect with people from around the world.”

The biggest challenge for LinkedIn is that its job listings have become less diverse, as the number of job postings has decreased over the years.

But, the problem is not that it doesn’t have enough jobs, it’s that it has so many people looking for jobs.

The problem is that, because of the number that are looking for them, LinkedIn can’t compete with the number available.

According to a study conducted by the non-profit McKinsey Global Institute, the number-crunching firm, there are 1.6 million job openings on LinkedIn, and about 4.2 million companies have over 1 million people looking to fill jobs.

“When people think about jobs, they think about the jobs that you have, the jobs you are able to fill, or the jobs your company can hire,” said Jaffe.

“They are not thinking about the people who are interested in working for LinkedIn or the people looking outside their own company for a job.

And they are not looking at the diversity in the job market, which is important.”

That means that the job search on LinkedIn has become harder, as companies are looking at people who have been laid off and looking for someone who is willing to work for them.

For companies like Uber, there’s a lot of data on job postings and the number on LinkedIn is not as clear-cut as it should be.

According the report, Uber is the only company that has seen its job postings go down since 2015, but many companies are not sharing that data.

While LinkedIn’s new jobs listings may be more inclusive and more focused on people who might want to work at the company, the job seekers who are filling the job postings are not as diverse as the companies are expecting.

“Some of the people in LinkedIn Groups are from countries where they can’t work,” Jaffe said.

“But others of the groups are from places where they want to get a job.”

That could be the case for many people who apply for a LinkedIn job, but are not getting one.

A-League season opener, preview, more from the New Zealand Warriors

The New Zealand’s A-league season opener against South Melbourne on Sunday will be the first time the team has played at home since they played at the same venue in December last year.

After being out of action for the past six weeks due to a calf injury, star defender Josh Walker and his teammates will now return to action for their first match since their December 1 home win over Melbourne Victory.

New Zealand have won six of their past nine home matches and are undefeated in their last 10 A-LEAGUE matches.

They are now two points clear of fourth-placed Melbourne Victory and five points behind Brisbane Roar, who they will meet on the weekend.

Newcastle Jets will play the Wellington Phoenix in the A-league opener on Saturday, while Brisbane Roars will meet Adelaide United at Suncorp Stadium on Tuesday.

Verizon Wireless Promotions Mayweather 2018

Verizon Wireless is introducing a new loyalty program for its wireless subscribers in the United States.

The company is offering up to $100 for a prepaid smartphone with unlimited talk and text, and up to 50GB of data per month. 

The new promotion will start at 9am Eastern time on Monday, September 9. 

Verizon Wireless said the program will offer up to one prepaid smartphone per household with a single line of data and 500MB of data on one prepaid plan. 

“The new prepaid offer from Verizon Wireless will allow you to take advantage of unlimited talk, text, data and the Verizon Wireless Personal Hotspot feature, all for just $100 a month,” a spokesperson told TechCrunch. 

A spokesperson for Verizon Wireless said the program is still in the early stages, and it’s unclear when the plan will be available. 

Users can register on the Verizon Homepage or Verified Devices and Device Accounts. 

In the program, users will be able to take an introductory plan, or a basic plan, and upgrade to a higher-tier plan.

The Verify device and device accounts, or the accounts for the devices in your home, are the most important pieces of the home wireless network.

These accounts give you access to all of your devices, including the ones in your family members’ homes, and allow you to make purchases on your device, including paying with credit cards. 

To register for the new loyalty, users can enter their name, phone number, and address in the Verification Devices and Devices Account section, and they can then select the “Verify Device” or “Verified Device” option. 

If the customer chooses “Verifying Device” and signs up for the higher-level plan, they will be automatically added to the Verizon home wireless plans. 

This is the first Verizon Wireless loyalty program to offer this type of data offer. 

As we reported earlier this week, Verison is offering a free phone with the first month of service for the first time since 2010, and the company is also offering an additional phone with $300 off the first year of service. 

We’ve reached out to Verizon Wireless for comment and will update this story if we hear back.

Verizon has been working with the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to improve customer service.

This could be an early sign that it might be preparing to offer the new program as well. 

While the new promotion is limited to the US, Verizon’s other new offers include a new “Mobile-first” loyalty program, a new Verizon Wireless Plus package, and more. 

These programs are available in all 50 states, with more restrictions on some states than others.

Chefs, bakers, cooks make a lot of money off tips

Restaurant and grocery chain Chefs and bakers are making millions by charging customers to tip their servers, according to new research.

Chef and owner Steve Sirois said he doesn’t get paid in cash or credit card tips.

He has a $10,000 salary and $20,000 in tips.

The findings are being published Monday in a report by the Institute for Labor Economics and Policy, which analyzed restaurant tips for the National Restaurant Association.

Sirois also said he earns a higher wage than the average employee at his restaurant, which charges $8.50 per hour.

“We make a big difference,” he said.

“We make more than our average employee and the people we serve.”

But the study found the average tipped worker earns less than the median hourly wage, which is $7.25.

Sampo, which owns the New York City-based Cheesecake Factory, and two of its other franchises, are the biggest offenders.

The survey of 511 Cheesecakes found the typical tip from a Cheesefree worker is $10.40.

In the industry average, that amounts to about $1.80.

Cheesecake is the No. 2 grossing restaurant, according the survey, with $4.1 billion in revenue.

The top five grossing restaurants in the U.S. were: McDonald’s, with a $8 billion annual revenue, and the $4 billion Domino’s Pizza chain.

The bottom five grossed were: Burger King, with an $8 million revenue, Starbucks, with less than $5 million in revenue, Pizza Hut, with no revenue at all, and The Walt Disney Company, which has a revenue of less than zero.

“There’s a lot more restaurants that have gone to private equity and are now public companies, and it’s not as simple as paying workers a little more,” Siroes said.

“A lot of it comes down to the people that work for those restaurants.

I don’t make more money than most people do.”

How to get the best deals on applebee’s deals, dunkin Donuts promotions and more

By using our search engine, you will be able to find the best coupons, offers and promotions for your favorite brands and products.

You can also find the deals on new Applebee’s restaurants, merchandise and Applebee�s apps, all in one place.Applebee�is the world�s largest fast-food restaurant chain.

It also has a very loyal customer base, which includes millions of people from all over the world. Applebee���s has been around for more than 30 years and has grown rapidly, becoming the largest fast food chain in the United States.

Applebees deals are typically great value and a great value in terms of price and service.

Applebees offers many great deals on many different types of items including items like apple slices, apple chips, apple bread, apple pies and apple cider.

Applebros offers great deals for restaurants, food trucks and other retailers that use its technology.

In this article, we will list the best Applebees promotions and deals to get you started.

For every item listed, you can get the most for the price, the service and the quality.

Here are the best ways to get these deals:1.

Buy Applebee coupons and deals from Applebee and the app store on Apple devices2.

Use the Applebee app to search for coupons or promotions3.

Order Applebee products at the Apple store4.

Get the latest Applebee deals from the Apple Store5.

Use Applebees loyalty program to earn Applebee points and get great discountsThe Applebee store offers great discounts on everything, including everything from food to Applebee gift cards.

Apple deals are often great value because you get great value for your money and you can save money by ordering online.

Apple offers great coupons for Applebee stores, restaurants, bars and clubs and more.

If you want to save some money on the best food and beverages you can find, Applebee offers great value deals on a variety of items.

Apple offers coupons for restaurants and bars and even the restaurants itself.

The coupons are usually great value, and you will get great service and great prices on a wide variety of products.

Apple has great deals all the time, and they offer great discounts as well.

You should be able in no time to save big on your next meal.

Apple has a great loyalty program.

You get 10% off everything in the AppleStore app.

You also get 10-20% off select Applebee purchases in the app and online.

Apple’s coupons are great value as well, and Apple offers many coupons on and other Apple stores.

Apple gives you great discounts, so be sure to check out the Appledeals app to find great deals.

Apple does offer a loyalty program, but it’s not always as great as you would think.

If Apple has a good coupon, you should be in the clear.

If not, Apple does not offer a lot of discounts.

Apple does offer deals on Apple products, but they are often not as great value.

They do offer coupons, but not often as great deals as Apple offers.

Some of Apple�s deals are worth buying if you are looking for a great deal on Apple gadgets and apparel.

The Apple deals section is where you can search for Apple deals, and this section also includes deals for Apple store items.

These deals usually sell out quickly, but you should still try to buy them at least once.

Apple often offers discounts when it comes to Apple stores, so you can usually save some bucks.

If you are shopping for a lot, you need to look for deals from other Applebee brands and services, especially when it has the best selection of Applebee items.

Some Applebee suppliers are also big suppliers to Apple, and these deals are a great way to save on items you would have to pay for at other Apple suppliers.

You may also find great discounts when you shop for other Apple products at

For most people, the Apple discount program is a great alternative to the Apple loyalty program and a big way to cut back on their grocery bill.

There are many Applebee programs, including the Apple Rewards program and Apple Pay, which are good ways to save money when shopping for groceries.

You can get deals on everything from Apple products and accessories, to Apple products in stores, and also from the App Store.

Apple provides discounts for all kinds of Apple products.

For example, Apple gives you 10% on all of your Apple products for free.

You may also get a great discount when you are using Apple Pay on the ApplePay app.

Apple Pay is an iPhone-compatible, biometric payment solution that is compatible with Apple devices, such as iPhone 5s and 5c.

Apple uses biometric technology to ensure that your credit card is secure.

You do not need a PIN to use Apple Pay.

The apps and the Apple rewards program are great ways to earn rewards


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